Dunhuang Brand Authentication 敦煌牌古箏防偽認證

Due to the high volume of the fake Duhuang brand guzheng in the Chinese market, Shanghai No 1 National Musical Instrument Factory has provided the following authentications for it's Dunhuang brand guzheng.


There are two major signatures of an authentic Dunhuang brand guzheng. First, all Dunhuang brand guzheng has it's own unique serial number barcode that can be verified with the factory by e-mailing: dunhuangdajiaban@163.com or calling 011-86-21-54867570. All Dunhuang brand guzheng in Sound of China are hand-picked from Shanghai No. 1 Musical Instrument Factory. When authenticating with the factory, the factory should be able to tell you the manufactured date of the guzheng and the name of the distributor, which is "Sound of China" or our ZiZe import custom- broker's name.


Second, there is an anti-forge sticker inside the front cover of the guzheng.


Serial Number Barcode:

The serial number barcode can be found at the bottom back of the guzheng. There is also a tag with the barcode and the signatures of the supervisor and QA. The tag can be found at the back of the guzheng where the string holes located.



Anti-Forge Mark:

The anti-forge mark can be found inside the guzheng cover. When you touch the mark, you can feel the lines and the signs. It should not be flat.

When looking directly from the top, you can only see the top of the clef note. When looking at a 15 degree angle, you will be able to see the whole clef note.