Sound of China Guzheng Music 唐韻古箏音樂推廣中心


The Sound of China Guzheng Music Promotion Center was founded by Carol Chang (aka yukina) in 2005. With a group of guzheng-loving friends, Carol also founded the Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble. Our goal is to promote the music of guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither or gu zheng, as well as the instrument itself.  We work closely with guzheng musicians and instrument makers to bring you the most updated guzheng music and the finest instruments available. Every year, Carol travels to China several times a year to visit factories and music shows, and brings back the latest selection of instruments, including awarding winning instruments. She completed the first National Folk Musical Instrument (Guzheng) Construction program under the Music Technology Department of China Music Conservatory.  Her specialty is to make the sound of each instrument reaches its highest potential.  Carol has extensive knowledge on the making and fine tuning of guzheng production. She is the author of over 100 articles on the guzheng selection and fine tuning that have been published in major Chinese musical instrument forums and magazines. Her essays were also collected in the 7th Chinese Guzheng Arts Conference in 2013 and the 8th Chinese Guzheng Arts Conference in 2017.


Currently, we have a showroom in Hacienda Heights, California, in the greater Los Angeles area. We offer large supplies of guzheng instruments, learning tools,music CDs, videos and accessories. All of these may be purchased directly from our website or or in our showroom.  We also provide group or private guzheng lessons serving Los Angeles and Orange County in our Hacienda Heights center. If you do not live nearby, we can also refer you to a professional guzheng teacher in your area.        

We understand that obtaining information about guzheng music outside of Chinese communities may be difficult. In order to best serve all musicians interested in the guzheng, therefore, we aim to be a complete resource center for the guzheng in English.



On this website you will find many articles on the guzheng, useful learning tools, information on a guzheng musician in your area, and news in this particular music industry, as well as teachers offering classes in your area. We also offer high-quality yet affordable instruments, textbooks and music CDs/VCDs/DVDs. The prices of our products are based on their cost and shipping and customs fees. We only make a minimal mark-up to cover maintenance costs.

Our goal is simply to promote the guzheng instrument and its wonderful music. As guzheng lovers, we dislike seeing anyone turned off by a high price or by low quality, awful-sounding instruments.

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