Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble 洛衫磯唐韻古箏樂團

Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble is formed by a group of guzheng lovers in 2006. We are a non-profit organization, and our goal is to promote the guzheng music. The ensemble meets regularly and is directed under the guidance of Professor Cynthia Hsiang. We perform regularly in the greater Los Angeles area as well as abroad.  In 2013, we were invited to perform at the 7th Chinese Guzheng Arts Conference in Yangzhou.  Other than our annual concerts, we also perform for charities and events.          





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Director 指導老師:

Cynthia Hsiang 向新梅

Cynthia Hsiang 向新梅 is a renowned Guzheng soloist who has performed with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony. Her playing may be heard on the soundtracks for DreamWorks’s animation “Kung Fu Panda 3”, Jackie Chan’s movie, video game “Jade Empire”, online game “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria”, and her two CD albums “Nocturne in Autumn Palace” and “High Mountain and Flowing Water.” Her performances at the Los Angeles Music Center have been nationally broadcast by PBS. Her compositions for guzheng, performed by musicians worldwide, are selected in the grade examination repertoire. She currently teaches at Pasadena City College.

向新梅Cynthia Hsiang, 知名古箏演奏家作曲家。曾参與了許多電影電視媒體配樂作曲,編曲和演奏錄音工作,如 X-Box遊戲"玉帝國"(Jade Empire),線上遊戲"魔獸世界:熊猫人之謎"(World of Warcraft:Mists of Pandaria)(2012)原聲帶,和夢工廠的“功夫熊貓3”(2016)。她在中學時的原創歌曲獲得臺灣中國時報全國民歌創作獎。由她創作的古箏獨奏曲烏蘇里船歌,子夜秋歌和絳雪均廣為流傳,並成為古箏考級指定曲。在美國,她與交響樂團合作演出现代作品,如好萊塢碗型劇院交響樂團和三藩市交響樂團。美國公共電視臺PBS和KCET,曾數次實況轉播她在洛杉磯音樂中心的音樂會演出。她曾在美國,香港和臺灣等地發表有關印尼和越南音樂的論文。目前現任教於美國帕薩迪那市立學院音樂系。



Members 團員:

Cookie Zhao 趙靈毓

Cookie started learning guzheng at age 6 with Prof. Xiaoyin Jiang, and has been studying with her for over 19 years. She also studied piano from ages 3-10, at which time she decided to focus on the guzheng.  She has won numerous guzheng awards including the gold medal for the guzheng section at the National Youth Fine Arts Competition in Beijing, and the gold medal in the Asian Youth Art Festival held in Beijing. She graduated from Tianjin University in 2012 and soon after moved to the United States. She currently teaches guzheng for students of all ages at Sound of China and performs for concerts and events.




Carol Chang 張荃

Carol started learning guzheng at age 12 with the old Master Jing Feng Jihuan. Later on, she studied under Sue Chuang and Cynthia Hsiang.  In year 2005, she completed the National Guzheng Master Class in Beijing.

Her guzheng journey does not end there.  In seek of perfection; she often travels to China to study under famous masters including China’s mot renown virtuosos Yuan Sha and Liu Le.   She is also an award winner of the CCTV National Folk Musical Instrument Competition in 2007, and author of “Sound of China Guzheng Basic Tutorial”, an English guzheng textbook published in 2011.  With the love on guzheng, Carol founded the Sound of China Guzheng Music Promotion Center in 2005 to spread guzheng music and to serve the guzheng community.





Florence Ho 何維卿

Florence has loved Chinese music. She has studied pipa since age of 10 and passed her Grade Exam of Level 8. Her passionate to Chinese musical instrument has never stopped her from learning. In 2012, she started studying guzheng and passed Level 5 with Honors from CCOM Chinese Instrument Grade Exam in less than a year.

Her passion on Guzheng has brought her to the next level. She has studied under Cynthia Hsiang, and passed Grade Exam of Level 8 with Honors the following year.  Also, she is the only student who obtained the Honors. Her rapid growth in guzheng has amazed the ensemble.





Luffy Ling 凌露

Luffy graduated from Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Language and Art majoring in Guzheng Music Performing, She received her professional degree under the guidance of Prof. Tang Xin. Luffy is a multi-award winner of guzheng competitions including the gold medal at the “National Youth Culture and Arts Competition”, and the silver medal at “the Fifth National Arts Festival and the Campus Educational Award”. She was invited to perform at the Guangdong International Trading Exhibition, PCC Chinese Music Ensemble, and the San Gabriel Lunar New Year Festival.




Audry Zeng 曾莉

Audry started learning Chinese musical instruments since she was a little. She has been teaching guzheng and dan bau since 1998, and spread the music to all ages. In 2005, she founded the Audry’s Guzheng Studio. She is the author of “Introductory Guzheng Tutorial for Children” textbook. Her other book “Youth Learning Dan Bau Tutorial” is also widely used by elementary schools and learning centers. She was invited to perform on numerous events, notably the CCTV’s “6+1” program in 2008. In 2011, she participated in filming the award winning documentary “Mulberry Child”. She is also a gold award winner of China’s New Star on Arts Competition, and World Chinese Arts Competition. After moving to America, she continues to teach and spread the music of guzheng and dan bau.





Melanie Hsu 許韻明

Melanie has been playing guzheng for over 10 years, she passed her Grade Exam of Level 8. She has been learning from various teachers, including Cynthia Hsiang, Carol Chang and Lian Wang, and she is still taking lessons to improve herself. She embraces her Chinese culture and enjoys practicing guzheng, Chinese Dance and Tai Chi. She feels blessed to have found the art of guzheng since it purifies her mind and inspires her spiritually.






Judy Ying 應裘迪 團長 (Manager)

Judy always had great interested in music. Judy's formal musical education began in the third grade when she learned the piano and harmonica.  In the fifth and sixth grade, Judy took charge and led the school band as conductor. While attending college in the United States, Judy discovered a whole musical world simply by tapping into her Chinese heritage.  She started to learn Chinese dances and Chinese instruments such as Pi-Pa, Yangqin, and Guzheng from Master Zhang Yen and Master Huang Hui Zhen.  





Annie Zhou 周麗婷

Liting was not a professional Guzheng player. Instead, she was a professional swimmer since the age of 10, and has won a numerous awards, including runner-up in nation-wide swimming competition, and the National First Level Athlete Certificate that signals high-caliber athletic talent in China. She was attracted to guzheng in 2013.  Since then she has studied in music show and also with Ding Jie, a famous teacher who graduated from Xi’an Conservatory of Music and Capital Normal University. Later, she joined Sound Of China Guzheng Ensemble, and had a successful performance in Pasadena City College Concert.





Sarah Wu 烏思晨

Sarah started to learn Guzheng and Liuqiu at age of 4 from one of the most famous musicians Yin Chen in Guizhou. She passed the highest-level exam for Guzheng at the age of 12. Throughout her early career, Sarah won first-place in many international ting that in 2005, Sarah was, as the only musician from Guizhou, invited to perform at Master Wang Changyuan’s concert held in Shenzhen.  At the moment, Sarah is a New York admitted attorney and plans to practice law in California.




Arabella Liu 劉隽妤

Arabella is a sophomore at Whittier Christian High School. She has been interested in the Chinese traditional musical instruments since she was a little girl, and she picked guzheng to study at. She passed the level 10 guzheng exam in China before she moved to America. She has joined Sound of China for a year. While maintain a 4.12 GPA, she is a member of the softball team and the international leadership group after school. This year, she is elected to be the student class council treasure.