The Sound of China Guzheng Music Promotion Center was founded by Carol Chang (aka Yukina) in 2005. With a group of guzheng-loving friends, Carol also founded the Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble. Our goal is to promote the music of guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither, as well as the guzheng instrument itself. We work closely with guzheng musicians and instrument makers to bring you the most updated guzheng music and the finest instruments available.

Our showroom is currently located in Hacienda Heights, California, in the greater Los
Angeles area. We offer large supplies of guzheng instruments, learning tools, music CDs, videos and accessories. All of these may be purchased directly from our website or in our showroom. We also provide group or private guzheng lessons serving Los Angeles and Orange County in our Hacienda Heights center. If you do not live nearby, we can also refer you to a professional guzheng teacher in your area.   


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  • Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble will perform at Pasadena City College Chinese Ensemble Spring Concert on May 23rd, 2024 Read More

  • "Gliss Through Times" - Sound of China Guzheng Ensemble 2023 Annual Concert will be Held on Sep 24th Read More

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Sound of Asia Musical Instruments

If you are looking for Asian instruments other than the guzheng, please visit our Sound of Asia Musical Instruments Store.  Sound of Asia is an affiliated company of Sound of China Guzheng Music Promotion Center. Our goal is to promote music and instruments of East Asia.  Currently our store carries Guzheng, Guqin, Gayageum, Geomungo, Janggu, Koto, Pipa, Erhu, Dan Tranh, Dan Nhi, and Dan Ty Ba as well as the learning materials and accessories. 
如您要尋找其它亞洲樂器,如二胡、古琴、琵琶、越南箏、日本箏等,請參觀我們亞音Sound of Asia樂器店

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