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Mishimaya Collection 50-year old Paulownia Guzheng (Made in Japan) 三島屋

Mishimaya Collection 50-year old Paulownia Guzheng (Made in Japan) 三島屋


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Brand: Mishimaya 三島屋

Body Construction: Air-dried 50-year-old carved out Aizu paulownia body with a Siamese Rosewood frame.

Accessories: Indian Rosewood bridges.

Sound Characteristics: Crystal clear, delicate, rich, dynamic, balanced, full, and resonant.

Grade: Elite

This guzheng is made by the well-respected Japanese instrument maker Mishimaya, a renowned name since the Edo period.

This is one of the best guzhengs in the world, carved from a very rare paulownia tree from the Aizu region that is around 50 years old. The tree was air-dried for 5 years. Please take a look at the exquisite grains of this Aizu paulownia. The back of the soundboard is hand-carved with double V-shape sound grooves, allowing the sound to spread out evenly instead of being forced out from the sound holes. The sides are decorated with a Siamese Rosewood frame, adding extra sweetness to the tone.

This guzheng is equipped with Dunhuang professional B strings and concert collection grade Indian Rosewood bridges. Sound of China professionals hand-carved each bridge tip to fit each string.

The sound of this guzheng is crystal clear and delicate. The bass is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. The high notes are bright and sweet with a long ring, comparable to elite Dunhuang's high range. The transition is even and solid across the strings, offering the best even transition among all guzhengs.

This guzheng is hand-selected by our professional Yukina directly from Mishimaya. All the bridges and strings are fine-tuned and adjusted to ensure the best sound quality. If you are interested in this guzheng, please visit our store to try it out.



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