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39"(100cm) Tangxiang Paulownia Guzheng "Chang An"

39"(100cm) Tangxiang Paulownia Guzheng "Chang An"


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Brand: Tangxiang 唐响

Body Construction: 39" travel size with single-piece professional quality paulownia soundboard and backboard and blackwood frame.

Accessories: Blackwood bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, optional 3-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-5 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual.

Sound Characteristics: Bright

Grade: 39" Travel

This beautiful travel-size guzheng is Tangxiang's famous 100cm, also called 1 meter, model "Chang An." The sound is bright with exceptional volume for a 100cm travel-size guzheng.

This guzheng is 39" long. It is made with a professional quality paulownia soundboard and backboard, and it's decorated with blackwood trim.

It comes with a free set of finger picks and adhesive tape, a blackwood bridge set, a tuning wrench, a soft bag, and spare 1-5 strings. A matching 3-piece stand, as shown in the pictures, can be purchased as an option. We provide a set-up instruction manual that is easy to follow. Help with set-up and playing is also offered over the phone or internet free of charge.

唐响100cm旅行古筝“长安” (1米小筝)

“长安”使用南非洲黑檀边板、专业一级泡桐面板、黑檀木筝码。筝体设计简捷。此筝音色明亮,方便携带,适合放筝地方不大或需要经常旅行和出外演出的筝友。 附赠古筝专用调音器、软包、指甲、备用弦及其他配件,可加购配套板式筝架。

Please view the video clip of this model on YouTube:

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