How to Select Guzheng Picks

How to Select Guzheng Picks:

Question 1:  How to choose the right size?

Answer: The size of the guzheng picks should equal to the first joint of your finger.  
Measure the first joint of either your index or middle finger, from the joint end to finger
tip.  That is the size you need.

Question 2:  What thickness do I need?

Answer:  The cost of the picks are based on the materials used.  The thicker the more
expensive.  However, thicker ones need stronger finger power.  If you are a beginner,
it's better to start with thinner ones.  For more advance players, it's up to your tone
preference.  Thicker picks produce a warmer and rounder tone while thinner picks
produce a sharper and brighter tone.  

Question 3:  What are the grooves?

Answer:  The picks with grooves are carved underneath that curves in like the finger shape.  It's for
comfortable wear, some people prefer the grooved ones, and some don't.  It does not affect the sound.

Question 4:  What color should I choose(Natural Material)?

Answer:  It's up to your preference.  The darker the higher in density.  Dark color part produces a fuller
and more solid tone.  Light color part produces a sharper and brighter tone.