News: Music China 2013 10/10-10/13

This is an interesting year of Music China. There are quite a few very good quality sounding guzheng, probably the best sounding guzhengs I've seen in my life. There are also fancy ones, eye ball drawing ones, and ugly ones. Wink Both Dunhuang and Dunhuang Yun booths present very good sounding guzhengs. To me, it's like an apple and orange, very hard to choose.

They are treating the soundboard differently this year. The boards are only lightly roasted into a golden color. It's not the over-roasted color like the past 10 years. The result is dreamy. It has the sweet tone of the old style guzheng with the power of the new. Very impressing!  It's sad that Scarlet Bird didn't come to the show because they don't have enough guzheng left in the factory. There is a big shortage in making.   

There is also the improved version of the Dunhuang koto guzheng. This year, the whole guzheng is made in Japan by Mitsuya company. The sound is more clear than last year's version. The high is also improved. I think it's still lacking in the high range. It also needs strong plucking because the soundboard is very thick.  
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