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Guzheng Bridge Saddle Nut Files Set

Guzheng Bridge Saddle Nut Files Set


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Guzheng Bridge Saddle Nut Files Set

Ensure your guzheng's strings are seated perfectly with the Guzheng Bridge Saddle Nut Files Set, custom-made in Japan for precision and quality.

Key Features:

  • Custom-Made in Japan: These high-quality files are crafted in Japan, known for their precision and durability.
  • Complete Set: Includes 7 tempered edge-cut nut files, designed to fit the 21 guzheng bridges perfectly.
  • Round-Bottom Slots: Produces round-bottom slots for guzheng bridge saddles, ensuring optimal string seating.
  • Smooth and Open Saddles: Ideal for smoothing existing saddles or opening new ones, preventing buzzing and unwanted noises.
  • Professional Quality: Ensures your strings are properly seated, enhancing the overall sound quality and performance of your guzheng.


  • Origin: Japan
  • Set Includes: 7 nut files

The Guzheng Bridge Saddle Nut Files Set is an essential tool for guzheng players and technicians, providing precision and quality to maintain and enhance the performance of your instrument.

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