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Songbo Madagascar Rosewood "Ethereal Blossom" Guzheng

Songbo Madagascar Rosewood "Ethereal Blossom" Guzheng


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Songbo 松柏

Body Construction:
single-piece oven-dried elite grade paulownia soundboard & backboard and Madagascar Rosewood frame decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay hand made by Master Cai Yuanhong

ebony bridges, finger picks & tape, tuning wrench, 2-piece matching stands, chromatic tuner, spare 1-7 strings, soft carrying case, and English/Chinese manual

Sound Characteristics:
Rich, Clean, Balanced, Deep and Resonant


Concert collection Madagascar Rosewood guzheng 100% handmade by well-respected Taiwanese maker Cai Yuanhong!  

The "Ethereal Blossom" is custom-made model made by Master Cai Yuanhong.

Master Cai's guzheng has brilliant and sweet high notes, clean passing middle range and a full deep bass. The range is even and balanced. The string rings long, and most of the all, none of the string sounds too hallow or too solid. It's like a dream voice for us guzheng players.        

This instrument is made with elite grade single-piece paulownia soundboard and backboard.  The frame is made by Madagascar Rosewood and decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay.  

Master Cai Yuanhong has been making guzheng for 40 years.  Unlike other makers that are mostly wood makers, Master Cai is a professional guzheng player.  He knows exactly the ideal tone a guzheng player is looking for.  He built in several tone bars underneath the soundboard.  Each tone bar is carefully carved out to perfect the sound of the guzheng.   This instrument is definitely one of a kind and stands in a class of its own.  

This model is hand selected by our professional at Songbo factory.  All the bridges and strings are fine-tuned and adjusted to ensure the best sound quality.

This model has 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.  It comes with a 2-piece stands, finger picks, soft case, guzheng chromatic tuner, and 1-7 spare strings.





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